Congratulations on the new website Ridge Manor Christian Academy. I am happy to have brought your overall vision to life in the online world through branding and website design.

Website design and branding for Ridge Manor Christian Academy

About Ridge Manor Christian Academy (RMCA)

Ridge Manor Christian Academy is a small Christian private school located in central Florida. They have been in business for about 15 years and going strong. However, their online presence needed a good update. They reached out with their concerns and after a few detailed meetings and a basic branding for their business, I was able to provide them, not just a brand new and updated website, but also a branding that will help them stay consistent throughout their business to help them stand out.

About the Website Design and Branding Project

The overall project consisted of:

Kind Words From the Client

“My overall experience was excellent. We got exactly what we needed to have a professional presence on the internet.”

– Fred Puentes

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