Maria reached out to me seeking a brand and web design that will help her launch her new business. The goal was to have a place where clients can come find information about Go Thrive Therapy, Maria’s credentials and experience, along with information about payments and how to schedule an appointment through her website.

About Go Thrive Therapy

Go Thrive Therapy is a brand new therapy business founded by Maria to help bring the best counseling sessions to her clients. Her goal is to help children, families, and individuals going through difficult trials in their life.

Client Request and Brand Strategy

During our brand strategy session and consultation call we discussed the goal of her business and the overall feel for her web design and brand. She wanted purple for her main brand color and butterflies. The overall outcome she envisioned was relaxing and out in nature with a welcoming feel for all ethnicities and diverse backgrounds.

Overall Project Design

The overall project consisted of a detailed brand design consisting of font pairing, logo, web elements, and branded colors. After the brand guide was approved and completed, the web design was started. I implemented the colors of the brand throughout the different sections and elements on the website. I created multiple pages to fulfill all of her business’ needs such as credentials, expertise, and booking information.

Branding Guide Design

For the branding we went with two tones of purple and orange. A vibrant purple and a soft purple with orange as an accent color. I used images of purple flowers and butterflies for the inspiration of this overall brand design. After completing the brand design, I proceeded to create a custom logo for her. I included a main logo along with several logo variations and two favicons for her website. Client also received a custom branded email signature and business card template for her business.

Web Design

For the web design I created a detailed homepage for the client with the main important details. I included a small section introducing the therapist, services offered, a contact/booking form, and payment information.

The overall website has a total of 5 pages as well as the legal pages and a 401 page. The main 5 pages include: homepage, about page, credentials, services, and booking.

Each page has it’s own unique design and page layout to easily showcase each section of the page. For credentials and services I created a detailed grid to separate each part mentioned on the page.

For images I used stock images that would fit her brand and overall feel for her website. She wanted images that showed nature, flowers, and diversity amongst people. She wants everyone to feel welcomed in her business.

Client Review

After completing the brand and web design for Maria, she left a very kind and sweet review for us. It was such a pleasure working with her and stepping out of my creative comfort to bring her vision to life. The bold colorful purples and oranges with the touch of nature really brought this brand to life.

Jessica is professional, knowledgeable, and understanding of one’s time. My website designed by Jessica looks like it fits my personality (approachable & friendly). My experience working with Jessica was amazingly easy. I would highly recommend you try her expertise.

– Maria Nazario

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