Katie from Fit Traveling Mama came to me requesting branded Pinterest templates and board covers for her Pinterest account. Along with the design work I also helped her set up her Pinterest business account. Here are all of the details of this project.

About Fit Traveling Mama

Fit Traveling Mama is health and travel inspired blog owned and managed by my dear friend Katie Soltas. We met when we were both working as photographers and bloggers for Visit Clarksville TN. Katie saw how much I loved working with Pinterest and how it helped my blog grow so she wanted to dip her feet in the water in the Pinterest world.

About the Pinterest Project

For this project we focused on creating her Pinterest business account, optimizing it, creating new boards for it, and doing Pinterest SEO and keyword research for her niche. On top of this I also created numerous Pinterest templates and board covers to make her overall Pinterest account look uniformed, on brand, and professional.

Setting Up Fit Traveling Mama’s Pinterest Business Account

After thorough keyword research and learning more about Fit Traveling Mama I was able to gather all the information needed to set up her Pinterest business account properly. The first thing I did was set up the backend of the account which includes claiming her website, social media accounts, etc. Once that was set up I then started setting up her profile and creating boards strategically while also optimizing them to rank better on her platform.

After her overall Pinterest account was complete I then started creating Pinterest templates for pins and board covers to help her stay on brand. I added board covers to her existing boards and even created a few pins for her top performing blog posts. I then strategically pinned her pins to the correct boards with relevant keywords in the description and title.

Completing the Pinterest Template Design Project

After completing the project I then did a Pinterest coaching session with Katie to go over all of the work done, the deliverables, editing tips, and Pinterest marketing tips. Katie received templates for all of the work done so she can create her own pins to manage her Pinterest account on her end.

Pinterest Templates and Board Covers Created for Fit Traveling Mama

For this design portion of the project I created a total of 6 different Pinterest template designs for pins and 2 board covers. All templates were created on Canva Pro.

Collage of Pinterest template designs created for Fit Traveling Mama
Pinterest board covers design created for Fit Traveling Mama blog

View the Pinterest Template Designs in Action

Overall Project Experience

Overall the client experience working with Katie on this project was amazing. Katie and I were able to work together in a timely manner to get this project done. I had a very fun time creating these templates for her and loved working on her Pinterest account. I hope that she can make the most of her account so she can continue to grow her blog.

Pinterest Services

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