15 Creative Emails to Send to Your Email Subscribers to Keep Them Engaged

Building a good email list is very beneficial for your business. However, to keep your email subscribers engaged you have to be consistent with your email marketing. This means you have to have good, creative, and captivating emails to send to your email subscribers to keep the from hitting that dreadful unsubscribe button.

15 Emails to Send to Your Email Subscribers

In this blog post I am going to share 5 emails that you should be sending to your email subscribers. These emails will keep your subscribers active and your email list growing.

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1. A Welcome Series

The best way to start getting your subscribers engaged is from the very begining. Create a welcome series of emails that will keep your subscribers interested and searching for your emails. A Welcome series can be an automated email series where your subscribers would automatically receive a new email every few days with something exciting. This can be a learning event, tutorials, travel guides, or anything else that fits your business.

2. A Monthly or Weekly Newletter

Your subscribers want to learn more about your business. They like to get personal and be able to relate. Sending a weekly or a monthly newsletter with updates, fun conversation pieces, and fun photos is a perfect way to keep your email subscribers actively looking in their inbox for your email.

Some businesses do only a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter while other companies do a monthly newsletter. It’s good to do what works best for you and your schedule.

3. RSS Feed – Share Your New Blog Post

Do you have a blog? Create an automated email where every time you publish a new blog post it automatically gets sent to your email subscribers. This is a great way to keep your subscribers in the loop.

One thing I also do is that I share the new blog post or most recent blog posts at the bottom of my monthly or weekly newsletters. This helps to continue to drive traffic to that new blog post and just in case my subscribers missed the previous email.

If you don’t want to create an automated RSS Feed, you can also create an email announcing the new blog post to your audience. To make the most of your email, you can also list 2 to 4 blog posts related to the topic you talked about in your new blog post.

Say your new blog post is talking about a trip to New York City then you can list in your email topics like Best Time to Travel to New York, Best Coffees Shops in New York City, What to Pack for a Trip to NYC, and Best Places to Stay in New York.

4. Blog Post Round Up

Another great email to send to your email subscribers is a blog post round up. You can choose a topic that want to talk about each month and share different blog posts about that topic. Start your email off with a quick introduction, talk about the topic briefly, and share a few blog posts for that topic.

For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you can talk about eyes one month and share blog posts about eyeshadows, eye care, best eyeliners, etc. The following month you can talk about lips or skincare.

5. Exciting Things About Your Business

Do you have something new brewing up in your business? A new product? Or even a new upcoming trip or event? You can send little hints to your email subscribers. When the launch or big event comes, let your subscribers be the first to know! I always believe that your email subscribers should always be the first to know about anything because they are awesome.

Another fun thing you can do to get your subscribers excited about something big in your business is by creating a countdown. It’s a great way to keep everyone excited about what’s coming! You can even offer a freebie or extra discount to those in your email list.

6. A Freebie, Discount, Hack, or Tip

You can offer a monthly freebie, hack, or tip to your subscribers. This all just depends on the type of business that you have but you can pick one that best fits your business and audience.

Here are some ideas:

  • Travel bloggers can share a free phone or desktop wallpaper with their audience.
  • Makeup artists can share a coupon code to their favorite makeup brand, a new makeup tip, or hack.
  • Lifestyle bloggers can share a cute home decor printable or home organization tip.
  • Shop owners can share a monthly surprise discount to their audience or am extra 5% or 10% to a big sale you have going on.
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7. A Survey Email

Get some feedback from your subscribers. Ask them to fill out a survey on Google Forms about their experience, how they like your brand, the emails you send out, etc. This will help you get more insight on what your audience likes and what topics to talk about in your future emails and newsletters.

8. A Loyalty Email

Do you have some loyal subscribers? Send them a loyalty email providing some VIP styled privileges, rewards, or discounts to show them how much you truly appreciate and love their support.

9. Repurpose an Old Blog Post

Do you have an old blog post that you just updated? Or one that you want more views on? Repurpose the blog post by throwing it in the loop of email marketing again. Just write a brief captivating email and link back to your blog post with a call to action.

You can even create a new email series. Say you write about travel. You can send out an email series about all the best coffee shops in the USA. The first email can be about the best coffee shops in Florida and the second another state and so on. This way you can repurpose a whole category of blog posts.

Make sure to space it out though. Say you sent an email for the ‘blog post A’ in January. I would recommend not sending another one for this blog post till about 15 to 20 emails later or 3 to 6 months later.

Your audience doesn’t want to read the same content too back to back. Give them sometime to slightly forget about it to want to come back to it to refresh their mind.

10. Promote a Guest Article or a Feature

Did you write a guest blog post for someone? Or were you featured in a magazine or someone else’s blog or podcast? Share it with your email subscribers. They want to know what amazing things you’re doing and learn more about you. This is a great way to share with your subscribers the other things you do besides the business that they currently see (say your blog or your shop).

11. Share and Promote Your Recent Video

Did you just post a new reel on Instagram that went viral, or performed well. Or one that you’re supposed excited about? Maybe you did your first Live and shared some valuable information or have a Live coming up. Or maybe you published a new YouTube video?

Whatever the case is, share this with your email subscribers too. Encourage them to watch the videos or the live. Even ask for their feedback or to leave a comment. Videos are huge now a days so definitely share these if you make them.

12. A Motivational or Inspiring Story

About 5 years ago I donated my hair and I was so excited that I shared my story with everyone. If you have done something inspiring or have some motivational words to share with your subscribers, share them. This helps you get more personal with them. It doesn’t have to be strictly about your business. Share your hobbies, inspiring stories, motivational words… with them too.

I love reading stories like these. It comes to show how genuine and giving some people really are and how I can relate to them. It makes me like them even more.

Some ideas for this can be:

  • A fundraiser you hosted.
  • Volunteer work.
  • A marathon you ran for a good cause.
  • Hair donation.
  • Helping someone in need.
  • Sharing tips on how to give back and how you’re giving back.
  • An event you support or have donated too.
  • Awareness on a cause.
  • Motivational words.
  • Words of wisdom.

13. A Sponsored Email Series

If you work with brands then doing a sponsored email series may be a good option for you. You can get with a brand to share their products or services. Say you partner with Ulta Beauty. You can share an email series where on one email you talk about your makeup routine, second email can be about your skincare routine, and third email about your haircare routine.

14. Re-engagement Emails

Do you have some subscribers that haven’t opened an email in a while? Shoot them an email to see how they’re doing. Share something exciting that’s been going on and try to entice them to visit your site or get back to opening your emails excitedly.

15. ‘How To’ Email

Do you do a lot of tutorials? Or have a product that people want to know ‘how to’ do it or care for it? Send them a ‘how tic email.

For example, you make cookies and you keep getting asked how you decorate them, you can share tips on how to decorate a Christmas Tree cookie for the holidays.

Or maybe you’re a makeup artist. You can send your email subscribers an email on how to get a summer make up look.

This can go for numerous businesses such as photographers, cooks, travelers, shops, you name it.

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Best User-Friendly Email Marketing Platform to Use

I have worked with MailChimp in the past, and though it has more customizable options, it’s not really user friendly in my opinion. It’s more for tech savvy people. I like using it for the fact that i can customize it more but for emails I prefer to use MailerLite.

MailerLite is very user friendly and easy to use for even beginners. It is easy to create an automation email and even create reusable email templates. Best of all, it’s free to use up to your first 1,000 email subscribers.

Other Email Platforms You Can Use

  • FloDesk
  • Convert Kit
  • Kajabi
  • Omnisend


Well I hope this list of ideas helps you get your email marketing active again and your email subscribers excited about your emails. Do you have any cool emails that you send to your subscribers? Share them in the comments below. I would love to hear your cool email marketing ideas.

15 Creative Emails to Send to Your Email Subscribers to Keep Them Engaged15 Creative Emails to Send to Your Email Subscribers to Keep Them Engaged
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