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14 Very Important Questions to Ask Your Website Designer During A Consultation Call

As a web design client you want to make sure that your consultation call goes smoothly. This is the moment to ask all of the questions about the project at hand before hiring your website designer. Whether it’s a new website or redesigning an old one, it is always important to have a clear picture of what the overall project will entail. The consultation call will give you peace of mind of whether you and the web designer are a good fit for each other for this project. 

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A woman working on website maintenance plans from her laptop.

Why A Website Maintenance Plan Is So Important

You have a website, now what? In this guide I want to teach you more on the importance of having a website maintenance plan for your website. Your website is like the online home for your business. It is important that you do the proper upkeeps to keep it running smoothly. However, maintaining a website on your own can be a learning curve and sometimes a lot of extra work. This is where website maintenance plans come to be important, especially after development. 

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A coffee mug and a laptop. Posted on a blog post talking about how to setup your siteground account.

How to Setup Your SiteGround Hosting Account Successfully

SiteGround is one of my most recommended web hosting plans for my clients. I love how secure, fast, and easy to use their hosting platform is. I can rest assure that my website will always be up to speed on everything. However, I know what a learning curve it was for me at first so I will be creating a series of guides to help you get started with using SiteGround today. 

In this guide you will learn how to setup a SiteGround hosting account correctly. I will go over step by step guides on how to setup your SiteGround hosting account, how to choose the best hosting plan for your business, and more.

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A woman holding a cup of coffee on a desk with a camera and camera lenses. Posted on a Image Optimization guide for websites and blogs.

Detailed Guide on How to Optimize Images for Your Website and Blog

If you want to learn how to optimize images for your website without losing quality then you are in the right place. In this guide I am going to go over how to improve your web performance and overall SEO rankings by optimizing your images correctly. You will learn how to properly resize your images, name them, compress them, and optimize them. This way they will load better on your website and also rank on search engines such as Google.

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10+ Essential Website Pages Your Business Needs

When building a website you must make sure to cover all of your basics. Having these 10 website pages on your website are a must have for any business. In this article I will cover the reason why you need to add these landing pages to your website, what each website page is, and a few tips on web design for your new site.

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