How to Choose the Best Name for Your Business

Brainstorming Business Names Ideas

Choosing a name for your business can be daunting at times. However, with proper brainstorming, research, and feedback, I am sure that you can find the best business name. In this guide my goal is to help you find the best business name that will set you up for future growth as well. There are many things that come into play when choosing a business name. You have to make sure it is available, its the right name for your business, and much more. I list numerous things to avoid and to also consider and do during the name picking part of your business.

8 Important Things To Do When Getting Started on Pinterest

8 Important Things To Do When Getting Started on Pinterest

When getting started on Pinterest you want to make sure to have your account set up right. You want to create boards that are relevant to your brand, optimize your account, create some new pins, and pin them strategically and much more. In this guide I want to go over eight very important things you should do when you are getting started on Pinterest. You will learn how to properly create and set up your account for success and growth.

15 Creative Emails to Send to Your Email Subscribers to Keep Them Engaged

a woman on her laptop and her phone doing work

Building a good email list is very beneficial for your business. However, to keep your email subscribers engaged you have to be consistent with your email marketing. This means you have to have good, creative, and captivating emails to send to your email subscribers to keep the from hitting that dreadful unsubscribe button.